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John M. Santiago, Jr.   
Professor, Engineer,  Entrepreneur & Retired Military OfficerCircuit Analysis for Dummies

My intention is to provide you with  excellent educational value, professional consulting and effective leadership.  Based on  my 26-years of leadership experience with the United States Air Force and several years of teaching at the university level,  I will make use of relevant multimedia and interactive technologies to help accelerate your learning.  My attempt is to provide you with a worthwhile educational experience leaving you with relevant skills sets for a successful future.   The goal is to create results of the online experience to be nearly equivalent to the on-ground or face-to-face learning experience. 

Here's a brief resume focusing primarily on my USAF experience.

Freedom 101

Technology.  Here's some educational  resources about technology presented to high school students in 15 January 2010.


"John Santiago is the best professor/ instructor I have had period!  He easily brings understanding to the most difficult topics in creative & fun ways.  John helps bridge the gap between theory and applications through exciting demonstrations of what is possible.  My classes with him were challenging but very rewarding.  Thanks Dr. J!"

CHRISTOPHER S. KELLER, SMSgt, USAF  Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering, CTU, 19 Oct 07.

Unsolicited Testimonial for DVD about Circuit Analysis and Design and Differential Equations

Hello Dr. J,

I finally got around to activating all the of the ebook modules for ODE1 and Circuits1 for the dvd you just sent out. I've only been studying the first module to ODEs and it seems to work just fine! I'm really thrilled and excited! Even though I haven't tested the other ebooks yet, one would assume that they would work just the same. I'll let you know if I have any problems.

So far, I really like the format that you have used for the graphics, animation, and explanations. You don't assume the viewer knows too much (a VERY good thing) and you explain pretty much everything. Some of the concepts that didn't sit right with me when I first started ODEs many years ago, make perfect sense now! I'm a perpetual learner and I couldn't be more happy!

Please keep me informed of upcoming course releases for other topics. I'm certain that I will be in the market for future releases and a returning customer!

I appreciate all your extra time and effort in working with me to customize the courses and ensure that they work correctly.

Thanks so much!

Jeff  (unsolicited email dated: 26 Aug 09, Jeff's last name left off for privacy)

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About Me

Retired Air Force with 26 years of military service and currently Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering.

I am interested in developing affordable online multimedia content in engineerng topics, entrepreneurship, and investing.  The multimedia content may be used to serve as supplementary material for appropriate university courses as well as high-school education.

Please contact me if you are interested in developing multimedia content for affordable education.

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