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February 2018
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A Collected Set of Playlists of MIT Videos

Playlists of MIT Videos Collected from YouTube

The last posting gave you video playlists from the Khan Academy.  Here’s another one that will increase your higher level of thinking and challenge in pursuing these highly  technical topics.

You’re probably aware of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s  (MIT’s) Open Courseware.  You’ll find here various collections of  video courses from that famous institution.  Many of these videos are about one hour or less in length and can be found on Youtube  and at MIT’s website:   But I’ve collected the sets of videos for your convenience and are found here and shown below:  Playlists of MIT videos.

Also, I’m testing some new software with these video lists so occasionally it gets buggy and you get errors.   Just keep refreshing the browser page and it should work after a few times of doing this.

I know you’ll find these hundred of videos useful in your studies of interests.

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