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February 2018
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[Laplace Transforms Example] Overview and Tutorial on the Laplace Transform of a Step

When it comes to solving circuits with resistors, capacitors and inductors, Laplace Transform provides you with a more powerful  tool to figure out the circuit behavior.   These circuits can become difficult because they involve solving differential equations.

You use the Laplace transform to change a tough differential equation requiring calculus into a simpler problem involving algebra in the Laplace domain (or s-domain).   After finding the transform solution in the s-domain, you reverse the process to recover the time-domain solution to your original differential equation  by using the inverse Laplace transform…sounds technical  but it’s not. To find the inverse Laplace transform you need to look at tables  of Laplace transform pairs.  Neat, huh?

Numerous examples on how to apply the Laplace transform and its  inverse for circuit analysis can be found in my new book to be published sometime in April or May of  2013.   The last three chapters applies the Laplace transform approach and is described by the video below.

The following are more videos on the Laplace transform

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