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Circuit Analysis For Dummies (Out by 22 April 2013)

Are you overloaded form circuit analysis?  I am because it’s been a long road since the beginning of June 2013, but my book, Circuit Analysis for Dummies, will be out by next week on 22 April 2013.

Hopefully, my book  gives you clear-cut information about the topics covered in a typical circuit analysis course.
The book starts off with the basics of resistive circuits such as Kirchoff’s laws and equivalent circuits to subcircuits. Later in the book you move up to circuits with capacitors and inductors involving energy storage.

The book provides a hands-on guide to make sense of the topics that may have given you trouble in your circuits course.Circuit Analysis for Dummies

Here’s what you get:

• Circuit Analysis 101— get the lowdown on the engineering
lingo, concepts, and techniques necessary to analyze circuits
• Simplify it — understand the general analytical methods that
help you simplify more-complicated circuits to a manageable
• Get amped — recognize how to work with transistors as current
amplifiers and op-amps as voltage amplifiers
• Ch-ch-ch-changes — with changing signals and circuits that
have passive energy storage devices (such as inductors and
• Be a convert — use phasor and Laplace techniques to convert
a calculus-based problem into one requiring only algebra

I plan to develop new videos for the book with more worked out problems as well as topics not covered in the book.  The videos for the book will be on a different website.  I plan to replace the following example:

Here’s an example video to give you an idea how I plan to replace my older videos:


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