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April 2018
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Introduction to Algebra

This is an update to an affordable and online course in Algebra containing videos and powerpoint slides.

Here is a sample outline to the  introductory course in algebra.  The actual outline has active links and below are selected links to trial videos  (see Week 4 for example).  If you decide to pay for online access to the course, you can download powerpoint slides (pdf) so you can take notes while viewing the videos (see Week 4 for example). 

The videos and slides are based on a textbook entitled: Introductory Algebra, by Ignacio Bello.

Once I complete the videos in the course within three to four weeks or before 1 Oct 08, I will send an email for those who fill out the form.

You can view videos at your own pace and finally learn this valuable skill necessary to solve a variety of problems no matter what your career objectives are. 

The course material is ideal for home schooling, supplementary material to university level education, and for instructors who want additional and affordable resources & assets to supplement their teaching.

My initial pay plan consists of two options or alternatives (which should be less expensive than getting a paid tutor and a textbook):

Option 1:  Get online access for $15.00 a month to 11 weeks of course material  since these are long time-consuming downloads due to the videos.  The online access is for a single individual.  If you want to order more for one person please let me know in the comments section.

Option 2:  Download 11 weeks worth of course material, including all videos and powerpoint slides for $50.00.  The online access to download the course material is for a single individual.  If you want to order for more than one person please let me know in the comments section.

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