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March 2018
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Calculus Tutorial Online – Examples with Limits – Part 1

Here is another video tutorial in calculus. Examples are shown on how to evaluate the limit of a function f(x) as it approaches a point. The video is again from the Khan Academy in which I highly recommend. I will leverage their videos as prerequisites for my more advance topics as I develop them.

You can estimate a limit using numerical or graphical approach and learn different ways when a limit fails to exist.    In your study of calculus, you will study analytic techniques for evaluating limits.

You will discover when solving problems, you can approach it in various ways:

(1)  Numerically when constructing a table of values

(2)  Graphically when drawing by hand or using software technology

(3)  Analytically when using algebra or calculus

The video below briefly addresses the above three-prong approach.

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