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April 2018
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Op Amp (Operational Amplifier) Design and Circuit Tutorial (Part 2)

Op AMP circuit analysis can find input-output relationships for a given circuit configuration. Say we’re given an equation or block diagram model of a signal-processing function. Several OP AMP design circuits are tied together to realize the equation or signal-processing function. Again, there are no unique answers since several OP AMP circuits can meet the design objective.

The following example and video shows how this is done. The video shows how to go from an input-output relation described as an algebraic equation to a block diagram form. The block diagram is used to realize a circuit using op amps. Two designs are given. One for Part 2 (this video) and the other is found in Part 3 of this series.

A minimum parts criteria is used to evaluate the design. That is, if one design uses a minimum number of parts than the other and everthing else being equal, then the design having a minimum number of parts is preferred.

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