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German Dictionary

French and Spanish are common courses in school. Some people do take German in college. So a German dictionary isn’t common. There are many of them, however, on the Internet.

German Dictionary

One German dictionary many people know is a translator such as Google’s or Yahoo Babelfish. They both include many other languages. They can translate from one to the other. They can translate your webpages if necessary. It’s fun to use. Google seems to be the better one.

However another German dictionary translates two ways at the same time. In other words an English word can be typed in and then both English alternatives and the German translations would appear. Using it can be interesting.

Nothing, for example, returns some interesting results. Nothing doing is an English phrase based on the word. This is like saying oh no you don’t. It’s an emphatic way to say no. It’s also uttered as a disagreement. For instance the salesman wanted to pour dirt on my rug, I kicked him out saying nothing doing. The German phrase for this is nichts zu machen. The phrase is closer to no chance. It comes from the German word nichts, meaning nothing.

Type blimp into this German dictionary for it to return kleinluftschiff. It can also be a zeppelin. Airships of this type often float over football games. The Hindenburg was a famous airship. It was 1937 when this doomed blimp burst into flames. It was a total loss. Over 1/3 of the passengers and crew died. Many people are familiar with its spectacular newsreel coverage of it. It featured Herbert Morrison and his famous phrase “oh, the humanity!” YouTube has it archived.

The primary reason the Hindenburg caught fire is still debated. A German dictionary has no answers. Someone may have intentionally started the fire. Static might have built up to the point that the Hydrogen was combusted. Others think lightning struck the airship. The hydrogen in this craft would normally not ignite. But during landing hydrogen would be vented where it mixed with air. Only then could it explode. One article had a theory. Maybe sparks from engine exhaust ignited. No matter the cause, the effect was devestating.

German Dictionary

A German dictionary can lead to a lot of knowledge.

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