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April 2018
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Matlab GUI (or GUIDE) for Engaged Learning

Getting students involve with learning is always a good thing especially when it involves math or technical topics.

To improve student retention in difficult electrical engineering concepts, engaged learning is needed such as hardware labs and research projects.    Another alternative is to use Matlab offering useful tools such as a graphical user interface (GUI) to develop interactive modules for engaged and enhanced learning.

Below are some useful links I found useful to help learn about Matlab’s GUI (called GUIDE):

Archived of Mathworks GUI Video Tutorials by Doug Hull.  A very useful set of videos to learn how to develop GUIs in Matlab.

Matlab GUI Tutorial – Integrating Simulink Model into a GUI from  This one shows how to interface a Simulink Model with GUIDE using two techniques.

41 Complete GUI Examples at Mathworks.  This one is a collection of MATLAB code containing 41 gui examples to read and learn.

Matlab GUI Interface Tutorial For Beginner form  I used this one to create my first GUI.

Educational MATLAB GUIs from Georgia Institute of Technology.   These GUIs are tailor made for teaching engineering concepts and are worth downloading.

The above links should keep you busy to help you develop GUIs for teaching technical topics such as mathematics and engineering.

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