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April 2018
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Introduction to Circuit Analysis

I plan to start a series of videos on circuit analysis. In particular we will be studying Linear Circuits.

We’ll begin with some terminology and variables of electrical engineering used throughout the video series. Of course, some of more important concepts include voltage and current and its associated laws of Kirchoff’s Voltage Law (KVL) and Kirchoff’s Current Law (KCL).

You will recognize that studying circuits will be useful and rewarding even for those students who are not majoring in electrical or computer engineering. Studying circuits will provide a quick and many opportunities to be creative and design things for those students who plan on pursuing engineering studies.

So in my videos, I plan on providing an early introduction to design and design evaluation through many examples and many exercises. We’ll move from basic knowledge and application through higher-levels of analysis, design synthesis and evaluation.

Learning the circuit analysis fundamentals will be reinforced with design topics by applying the newly acquired analysis tools to practical situations.

Since designs really do not have unique solutions, you’ll need to use good engineering judgment to compare alternative solutions. This will be accomplished through numerous examples and exercises.

Topics will include: operational amplifiers, signal processing, and use of computer tools.

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